Monday, August 31, 2015

Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas Premiere New Music Videos

The world got a little better today, when Justin Bieber and Nick Jonas decided to drop music videos for their latest singles.

Justin's comeback video for "What Do You Mean" is a short film that doesn't really make much sense, but who cares about a plot, when there are two beautiful humans making out with each other in times of desperation? Not me. The video was beautifully shot and and meshes well with Justin's new sound, but if someone could explain why a fake kidnapping and was done in exchange for a lighter, that would be great.

Meanwhile, Nick Jonas' video for "Levels" is plot-less, but caters to the fans that want to feast over his great biceps and new-found dance moves! The three minute clip is a hot one, filled with some overly sexual choreography (the part where he's pretty much doing the deed with a girl on the floor, while fully clothed) and signature smizes to the camera. It's just like all his other videos, but with more outfit changes and an interesting choice of props. What's with the tires? Whatever, I'm a fan!

Check out both videos below!

Which is your fave?


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