Monday, July 6, 2015

Kicking It Poolside with Demi Lovato

Image Via DailyMail
So last Thursday, might have been the best day of my life! I had the opportunity to go to Demi Lovato's Y100 Cool for the Summer Pool Party, and it basically gave me life from start to finish. It was a 2-hour party filled with, music, drinks, cute flotation devices and of course an amazing performance by miss Lovato, herself.

Since its release last Wednesday, I've had "Cool for the Summer" on repeat everywhere I go. It's literally the PERFECT summer song and being able to see Demi perform it live, almost game me a heart attack. Lol. Anyway, after she performed, Demi pulled a fast one on everyone and jumped into the pool (which I knew would happen) and proceeded to take selfies with all of her sweaty fans, including me. It was the best moment of my life and something that I will cherish forever. Check out the pics below and a video about my experience. #CoolForTheSummer

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