Thursday, June 25, 2015

Demi Lovato Readies Release of New Single "Cool for the Summer"

Kind of freaking out about this! Demi Lovato just revealed today that her new single "Cool for the Summer" will be hitting airwaves July 1st, AKA in 6 DAYS! This is exciting news for Demi's Lovatics (the fandom), considering her last single "Really Don't Care" was released over a year ago! "Cool for the Summer" marks the first single to be released off of Safehouse Records, Demi's new record label that she started with Nick Jonas. Of course, she still has the big labels supporting her (Island and Hollywood), but it's really impressive to see her embarking on this new business venture at such a young age! Couldn't be more excited about this summer BANGER! Y'all ready?

Also, check out this cute lil interview Demi did today, where she talks about her new single and does her best Iggy Azalea impression. It's pretty spot on!

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