Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hilary Duff Shows Off Her Tinder Dates in New "Sparks" Music Video

Ugh, as if this girl couldn't get any cuter/ more real.

In case you haven't already heard, Hilary Duff recently confessed to being on Tinder. Yup, the Duffster is just like you and I, looking for love on all the wrong social media platforms (I was on the app for a whole .2 seconds). I'm sorry, but can you imagine the possibilities of living in Hollywood and being on Tinder? SOMEONE PLEASE FIND ME HILARY STAT!!! 

In Hilary's new video for her AMAZEBALLS single "Sparks" (thank God she ditched the tunes she released last year), we see a new, more grown-up side to Hilary, who dawns lavender grey hair and some hot colorful outfits. Half of the video features Hilary doing choreography in a bunch of amazingly lit rooms and the other half gives us a behind the scenes look at her personal life and recent Tinder dates. Yup, she's basically become the new spokesperson for Tinder! Although I love the concept, there were points in the video where I didn't really need to hear all the conversations and was more interested in going HAM to the song. I'm just saying. Also, we see that one of her first dates was filled with a night of bowling, the same night that produced this little gem:
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Maybe she should have just focused on the sparks that flew during that mini Lizzie McGuire reunion!

Along with her new video, Hilary also revealed the title of her album and its cover art (which is so stunning, it makes me want to cry) to her fans. Her latest effort, which is set to come out on June 16th, is titled Breathe In, Breathe Out.

 She explained the meaning of the title in a tweet: 

So, are you excited about all this new Hilary Duff music? I sure am.

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