Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kim Kardashian's T-Mobile Super Bowl Commercial Breaks the Internet

Image Via Tumblr
Kim Kardashian breaks the internet yet again! Well, not really. She is saving data plans though, in her  new T-Mobile commercial for the Super Bowl. The 30 second clip, which has provided me with so much life, features Kim talking about how tragic it would be if people lost their cell phone data after every month, and couldn't keep up with her bomb.com selfies, outfits, vacations, and outfits. I honestly love when Kim pokes fun at herself, but the best thing about this commercial is that everyone in the world knows that Kim Kardashian is not using basic T-mobile as her phone carrier. Come on Kim, you're better than them! Although the entire idea is laughable, it's great to see Kim continuing to take over the world one endorsement at a time. Check it out:

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