Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dawn Richard Releases New Song with Ex-Danity Kane Member Aundrea Fimbres

Well, well, well, it didn't take long for Dawn Richard to release new music after the demise of Danity Kane. The R&B vocalist, quickly announced after Danity Kane's break-up that she would be releasing her second solo album, Blackheart, on January 15th (aka tomorrow). Since the news, Dawn has released a couple of songs off of the album, but the latest, titled "Phoenix", is getting a lot of buzz because it features ex-bandmate, Aundrea FImbres. The song, which many believe is about the DK drama, is all about rising up from the ashes and soaring high. What's interesting about Aundrea being featured on the song, is that many DK fans have been questioning for months whose side Drea was on after Dawn/Aubrey altercation, and now it looks like we have our answer (I always knew she wasn't team Aubrey)!

To be honest, I really like the song and I support Dawn stepping out of the mess that she created, and doing something new. Many people (myself included) blame her for DK's demise, but at the end of it all, she is the most successful, in terms of music, out of the three other members. Mazel to you Dawn! Maybe now, you should apologize to my bae Aubrey and release a banger together! Or just bring back Danity Kane. Ok, bye.

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