Sunday, October 12, 2014

Check Out Nick Jonas' New Song "Numb"

Image Via Tumblr
If you haven't already listened to Nick Jonas' "Numb," you're missing out on some major tune-age! Nick released the song "Numb" a few days ago as a gift to his fans for pre-ordering his album. It took me a few days to listen to it because I've been galavanting around NY, but I'm back in MIA now and I have this song on repeat! "Numb" is extremely different from anything Nick has done in the past, as it features an insane beat that kind of makes you want to twerk it out. Oh and Angel Haze even makes an appearance on it! The song is kind of like the male version of Katy Perry's "Dark Horse," but dare I say kind of better! I'm really becoming a fan of Nick's new material and I cannot wait until his self-titled album drops on November 11th! Check out the song below!

Happy twerking!

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