Friday, October 24, 2014

Check Out Fergie's Lyric Video for "L.A. Love (la la)" Featuring MY BEST FRIEND

I am currently freaking the f*%k out!!!!! Fergie recently released her first single, "L.A. Love (la la)," off of her new album about a month ago, and ever since I have been obsessed with the song! Like every other artist these days, the Fergs decided to make a lyric video for the song, before the actual video comes out (which was kind of necessary because it's hard to understand the names of all the countries she's shouting out). Anyways, the most important part of this entire lyric video is at 2:35 when my BEST FRIEND, Juliana Weizenauer, makes an appearance! The reason she's in the video is because Fergie asked her fans on social media to send in pictures of themselves throwin' up the L.A. sign, which Juliana did, and look at her now!!!!!! Wow this just made my day! Well, make sure you check out the video, while I continue to freak out over this moment.

... Don't kill me for this Juliana.

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