Saturday, October 25, 2014

B*tch Stole My Look: Jennifer Lopez & Ariana Grande Edition

This might just be the best "B*tch Stole My Look" ever! Since the Fashion Police are on hiatus until January, I've decided to take on their job for a quick minute to show you guys this epic side by side of Ariana Grande and Jennifer Lopez. On the left is none other than J.Lo, herself, performing at the We Can Survive concert in LA last night. On the right is Ariana performing on the Today Show a few weeks back. If this is not amazing to you, than I don't know what your life is! It looks like Jennifer brought a picture of Ariana to her stylist and said, "THIS IS WHAT THE YOUNG KIDS ARE DOING, MAKE ME LOOK LIKE THIS!" Hahaha! What do you think? Was Jennifer trying to steal Ariana's look, or do you think she had no idea? Mhhhmmm. #thethirstisreal

BTW, I actually came up with this image by myself and I'm really proud.

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