Monday, October 20, 2014

Bethenny Frankel Returning to "The Real Housewives of New York"

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The rumors were true! This morning, Bethenny Frankel revealed to her fans that she will be returning to "RHONY!" There has been a lot of speculation about Bethenny's next move since her talkshow was cancelled this past year, and many thought that she would get her own show on Bravo, similar to Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens Live." But that wouldn't make much sense would it?

In a letter to her fans that she posted on her website this morning, Bethenny said:

"After many years of hesitation, I have decided to return to my roots on "The Real Housewives of New York City." I have been through a long and arduous road since my departure, and I’m finally coming out on the other side. It finally feels right to go home again. The idea of doing the show feels exciting and refreshing, like it did at the beginning all those years ago. New faces, new circumstances, and in many ways, a new me and a new life."

I am so excited about this!! The show hasn't been the same since Bethenny left it, and in recent seasons, the ratings have continued to decline. Bethenny is exactly what the show needs to bring it back to life. Although she has become tremendously successful since leaving the reality show, and people might question her reasoning for going back, I think it's a move in the right direction. Bethenny is real and people actually like her, so I don't think that her return to the show will damage her career. If anything, she'll just be like the Nene Leakes of New York, because let me tell you, that woman is doing big things!!!

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