Sunday, September 14, 2014

Chris Brown and Arianna Grande's Duet Has Finally Arrived

God please save me because I don't know if I can live anymore! OMG. Since the beginning of this year, I have been going so hard to the snippet of Chris Brown and Ariana Grande's duet "Don't Be Gone Too Long." They released a teaser video months ago, and had plans to release the full song and video before Ariana released "Problem," but Chris Brown decided to go to jail and everything was put on hold. Then, out of nowhere today, the song and video surfaced on the internet, and it is now providing me with air I need to breathe. That kind of contradicts my first sentence though, awk.

The video is like an episode of Game of Thrones (we all know I don't watch that, so thanks Baronkesh), and Ariana and Chris look like a match made in love heaven. Too bad I can't forget that incident with Rihanna from a few years back. Ugh. Well, check out the video below and get ready to put this song on repeat for the next month! Also, if you're a Chris Brown fan, don't forget to pick up his album when it hits stores on September 16th!


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