Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ariana Grande Gets Extraterrestrial in Her New Music Video for "Break Free"

Ariana Grande has FINALLLY (it literally took 3 months to come out) released the music video for "Break Free," and it's kind of out of this world. The song came out at the beginning of July, and Ariana has been hinting at the video for months, which left fans questioning when the heck it was going to come out. According to Ariana's tweets a few weeks back, the video took a while to edit because of all the CGI and green screen shadoubie that went into it. The video, which turned out completely different than what I expected, focuses on Ariana fighting off aliens and robotic monsters in an extreaterrestrial world, and taking off on a spaceship with Zedd. Sounds like fun right? My favorite part of the entire video is the spaceship dance party at the end, which I'm totes mad I wasn't invited to!

Oh and this part...

Image Via Tumblr
IS MY EVERYTHING! Anyways, check out the video below!

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