Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Tuck: The Latest Fashion Accessory to End the Floppy Belt Epidemic

Image Via The Tuck

Do you sometimes wear a belt and question "what the tuck" you're supposed to do with that awkwardly long end that doesn't have a belt loop to go into? Its become a serious fashion epidemic and the solutions haven't been that great... until now. Yes, I've found the answers to all your "tucking" problems. 

The Tuckis a revolutionary fashion accessory that can solve this ever pesky problem. The creator, Remy Kassimir - or the Mother Tucker, as she likes to call herself, created what is essentially an extra individual belt loop that you simply slide onto any belt so you never have to tuck again! It's like the hottest little fashion accessory that's saving outfits from being fined by the Fashion Police. The belt loops come in three different sizes and four different colors (brown, black, silver, and gold) so that you can match it to any outfit. So what are you waiting for? Go check out this AMAZEBALLS new product before you end up looking like a hotter mess than Kris Jenner after a few glasses of wine. I'm telling you, this is life changing! See for yourself, by checking out their website here and their witty commercial below!

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