Friday, May 2, 2014

Ariana Grande SLAYS at the iHeart Radio Music Awards! Watch Her Performance Here!

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I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF THIS GIRL!!! Last night, Ariana Grande performed at the first ever iHeart Radio Music Awards, and completely slayed everyone in the audience! Ariana first sang a bit of her smash hit, "The Way," and then stripped off her clothes to perform her new single "Problem." I was literally screaming like a 5-year-old girl during this entire performance. Something about Ariana just sends chills up and down my spine! She is so talented and amazing, and she gave every artist in that room a run for their money last night. Their was one person, however, that shaded Ariana last night, and she goes by the name of Rihanna. During the performance, Riri started laughing when Ariana began doing her choreography during the chorus of the song. Now listen to me Rihanna, Ariana may not be the best dancer, but there is NO reason to shade her, especially when you can't even SANG! So, on that note, BYE FELICIA! Check out Ariana's performance below!

Also check out Ariana's adorable acceptance speech after winning the Young Influencer Award! She totes freaked out over meeting Hilary Duff! 

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