Sunday, March 2, 2014

My "Neon Lights Tour Experience!!

I brought my friend Amor to the show!
To say that Demi Lovato's Neon Lights Tour was absolutely AMAZEBALLS is an understatement. For months I had been waiting for February 25th to come around, and when the day finally came, my heart was "freaking out!" Demi, who was sick, sounded amazing vocally, and even threw in some sexy choreography during her performance of "Got Dynamite." Every minute of the show from start to finish was entertaining. She started the show with "Heart Attack," and continued to belt out hit after hit, after hit. Even though I wasn't a fan of Demi during her Disney days, I fell in love with her songs from that era, especially "Here We Go Again," which she completely stripped down and performed acoustically. Oh and I completely forgot to mention how amazing 5th Harmony and Little Mix were. Both groups performed a few of their hits and payed homage to some famous girl groups who came before them. Check out some of my pictures and a compilation video I made from the show below!

Hope you enjoyed!

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