Monday, March 3, 2014

My Fave Oscar Moments

Normally, I'm not one to watch the Oscars, but this year, I had to support ma girl, Ellen DeGeneres! I'm actually really happy I watched it, because there were some really great moments, and even some tear jerkers! Check out all my fave things about the Oscars below!

Ellen as the Host
It's official! Ellen should host the Oscars every year because she did an AMAZEBALLS job. She was funny, she took some EPIC selfies, and she even made Twitter crash! 

Image Via Eonline

Best Dressed
Images Via Eonline
Images via Eonline
Lupita Nyong'o has become one to look out for on the red carpet! She has consecutively murdered every gown she has put on in the past few months, and she looked absolutely beautiful in her Prada gown last night. Charlize Theron is always a babe, and I don't think she can ever do wrong. Kate Hudson looked like an angel that descended from heaven. I really enjoyed Kelly Osbourne's Badgley Mischka gown because it looked very clean and elegant, and that mini cape was on point! Meanwhile, Brangelina is a perfect couple and they looked better than ever. Oh, btw Brad, I plan on stealing that hairdo. Last but not least, Jared Leto, a.k.a baby Jesus, looked great in his black and white ensemble. If I could come back white in my next life, I would want to look exactly like him.

Lupita's Acceptance Speech for Best Supporting Actress

THIS.GIRL.IS.PERFECT. Lupita's speech has to be my favorite moment of the night. She's such a humble girl and she has such and incredible spirit that literally lit up the entire room. This speech almost had me in tears, and I am genuinely so happy for her for winning this. I hope she continues to thrive because she really deserves all the praise and success that she is receiving! She's officially a new friend in my head! Oh, and my favorite line from her speech, and pretty much anyone that watched was: "No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid" (definitely considering getting this tattooed). 

Ellen Gives Out Pizza

Another brilliant moment! In the beginning of the show Ellen said that she was going to order pizza for the audience, and she actually kept her promise! AMAZING! These celebs looked like they hadn't seen food in a week, which is probably true considering they have to stay in tip-top shape to fit into their dresses and tuxedos. This also proves that celebs are just like us!! 


Image Via Ellen's Twitter

No words for this other than: Can I just be friends with all these people?

Ohhh and....

This wouldn't be a post if I didn't mention the Kardashians. They attended Elton John's annual Oscar party and they looked like f-ing PERFECTION! God, I love my fam. 

Image Via Popsugar

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