Thursday, March 6, 2014

Miley Cyrus Throws Some Serious Shade Katy Perry's Way In New Tweets About John Mayer!

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A few days ago, while promoting her upcoming Prismatic Tour in Australia, Katy Perry spoke up about her kiss with Miley Cyrus, at Miley's show in LA. Katy said that she meant for it to be a "friendly girl kiss," but Miley tried to go in deeper, and that's when she pulled away because "God knows where [Miley's] tongue has been." Clearly Katy's comments were playful, and she had no intentions of starting a fight, but it seems like Miley believes otherwise. Today, Miley tweeted Katy the following: 

TALK ABOUT SHADY! It's obvious that Miley is talking about John Mayer, which is really rude and uncalled for considering him and Katy just broke up, and there's a possibility of them getting back together. Miley, I love your unfiltered mouth and all, but this was not okay boo boo.

Do you think Miley was trying to be shady, or is she clearly unaware of the fact that John and Katy still love each other, and was just trying to support Katy (in an odd way) during her break up?

Katy decided not to make a big deal out of the tweets and responded to Miley with this tweet: 

Thank the Lort!

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