Monday, January 27, 2014

My Highlights From The Grammy's!!!

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Last night, the Grammy's aired on CBS, and to be honest with you, most of the show was kind of a dud, minus the 3 acts that definitely KILLED it!

1. BEYONCÉ!!!! 

Do I need to say more??? Well, last night was the first time Bey performed material off of her latest studio album, "Beyoncé." Everyone knew that she would be performing, but I don't think anyone was ready for the level of SEXY that she was going to bring. The Queen B performed "Drunk in Love," aka everyone's favorite song from the album, alongside her hubby Jay Z, and they totally MURDERED it!!! I'm pretty sure after that performance, everyone wants to ride that surfboart with Beyoncé, while sipping on watermelon!!! Ugh, she was such perfection that I was having major heart palpatations after! Bow down bitches and check out her performance!

Also, her dress was so on point, and she basically can do no wrong in my book. 

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2. Katy Perry's Performance of "Dark Horse"

This is definitely one of ma fave Katy performances to date. If you guys don't already know, I am a huge fan of Katy, and she's basically like my best friend/ potential girlfriend in my head. Last night, Katy performed her latest smash hit "Dark Horse"and it was like Hocus Pocus gone incredible sexy! There were broom stripper poles, sexual choreography, and Juicy J even made an appearance! Check out the AMAZEBALLS performance below!

3. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' performance of "Same Love"

While the song was never ma fave song, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis delivered a beautiful performance of "Same Love" last night. During the performance, some 30 couples actually got married, Queen Latifah officiated the ceremony, and Madonna performed "Open Your Heart." It was such a great thing to see, and celebs in the audience were shedding tears! There was one part of the performance that I did not like, and that was when Katy Perry caught a bouquet, but I guess I'll just let that slide for now. 

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How great would it be to say that Beyoncé was in attendance at your wedding?????!

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