Friday, December 13, 2013

Beyonce Releases Surprise "Visual" Album Exclusively on iTunes, and Doesn't Tell Anybody!

WHADAAAAFUHHHHHHHH!!! So confused right now, but I had to post this! Thanks to my AMAZEBALLS friend, Taylor Silver, who I initially doubted, I just found out that Beyonce has released a self titled album exclusively to iTunes! There was no promotion, or any talk about this! It's just like BOOM, here ya go! And get this, each song comes with a music video and you can buy it all for $15.99! Everyone has been waiting for a new Beyonce album for the past 3 years, and after all the nagging and bitching that we, the fans, have done, we finally have it! Mazel everybody! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN FOR DOING THE UNTHINKABLE!!!

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