Monday, November 25, 2013

My Favorite Moments From Last Night's AMAs!

Image Via Huffington Post
Last night, all my favorite stars came out to be a part of the American Music Awards. The award show was packed with AMAZEBALLS performances from literally every artist on the planet (I was actually shocked at how many great performers they had), including Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Christina Aguilera. The entire award show was incredible, and highly suggest that everybody watches it! Here's a list of some of ma fave moments:

1. Ariana Grande's performance of "Tattooed Heart"
I honestly was so amazed by this performance, and I almost cried at the end when she received a standing ovation from all of the stars in the audience! It was so brave of her to perform "Tattooed Heart," a song that not many people know, unless you're a huge fan, like myself! She delivered a perfect vocal, and pretty much proved to every other artist in that room, that she is someone to look out for! She definitely gained so much respect from everyone watching last night, and I couldn't be more proud!

2. Lady Gaga's Performance of "Do What You Want" featuring R. Kelly
This was another performance that almost had me in tears towards the end. Lately, Gaga has been receiving a lot of flack from critics, saying that her new album is horrible and shallow. However, in this performance she showed everyone that she still has a heart, and that although her song "Do What You Want," may sound very sexual, it is actually her take on how the media has the ability to control and destroy people's lives. I thought that the video at the end, of her playing the piano as a child, was the perfect way to showcase her vulnerability, and really left me with chills!

3. Obviously Danity Kane's presence!

Image Via Idolator
Omg, they looked like perfection last night and I was so happy that they were there! Check out a fun interview below!

4. Justin Timberlake's performance of "Drink You Away"
All I have to say is Justin is a great guy, and he can never do wrong when he gets on a stage! Enjoy!

5. Miley's performance of "Wrecking Ball"
She is just so great, and although I'm sure everyone was confused by the pussy in the background, she still delivered an amazing performance of "Wrecking Ball." Oh, and her body is out of this world!

6. Omg, I almost forgot Christina Aguilera and Great Big World's performance of "Say Something"
Omgahh this was such a beautiful performance! I heard this song last week, for the first time and fell in love with it! Christina not only looked amazing on stage, but she also gave a great vocal performance that never overpowered the lead singer of GBW, Ian Axel. I also loved how they sort of recreated the video with Christina's entrance and attire.

Hope you enjoyed! I'll be back later with some of my favorite looks of the night!

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