Thursday, November 14, 2013

Britney Spears Has a New Documentary Coming Out!

Image Via Breatheheavy
THIS IS LIITERALLY THE BEST NEWS I'VE RECEIVED IN A WHILE! The legandary Ms. Britney Spears is releasing a new documentary titled, "I Am Britney Jean," December 22 on E! The release of this documentary is quit shocking, considering how private Britney's been sinc her mental breakdown a few years ago. If you remember, Britney did release a documentary titled "Britney: For the Record" for MTV during her comeback in 2008. However, that documentary came from what seemed to be a very dark time in her life. At times, I felt really bad for her when watching it, because it didn't seem like she was 100% back yet, but now, I think she's ready for it.

The documentary will follow Britney through the process of making her 8th studio album, "Britney Jean," and all the hard work that she's putting into her Vegas residency! I honestly can't wait until December 22! It's going to be so AMAZEBALLS to finally see the real Britney, behind the scenes, without interviewers asking her questions in which she replies one word answers to! I want to see her raw and uncensored, and I want her to show that she still has what it takes to be in this music industry!

Don't miss out on the legend getting to 'work bitch!'

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