Thursday, August 8, 2013

Aubrey O'Day's First EP Since Danity Kane is Coming! Find Out ALL of the Details HERE!

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Although everybody always throws shade my way for still rooting for Aubrey O'Day since the demise of Danity Kane, I have never given up on her and am proud to anounce that her FIRST EP is finally here! It's been 3 years since the world was forced to say goodbye to Danity Kane, and out of the 5 girls, Aubrey O'day has done a pretty decent job at staying relevant through reality television, and releasing singles like "Automatic."Although she's kept her fans satisfied for years, up until now, she hadn't really put out a body of independent work for the world to get to know and fall in love with. However, all of that is going to change, because on August 13, Aubrey O'day's first EP, "Between Two Evils," will be available for all of the "Aubtourage," DK fans, and people who are unfamiliar with her work, to buy on iTunes!

Aubrey started working on BTE about a year ago, after a horrible break-up with a mystery man. According to Aubrey, all of the songs off of the EP come from a place of hurt, and some tell the story of the constant struggles she faces in the entertainment industry.

Words cannot even describe how excited I am for this album! From the start, I knew Aubrey had so much talent and potential, and for years now, I have been waiting for a complete album from her! The fact that on Tuesday I will be able to listen to "Between Two Evils" on repeat, sends chills down my body, and I hope it does the same for everyone else! And just in case you want more, Aubrey keeps on mentioning this "new project" that she has coming on Twitter, and after her latest Instagram picture that shows 4 wine glasses (the 4 members of DK) with the caption "another track down," I'm pretty sure it's safe to say a new Danity Kane album is on its way!!!!!!!!!! AMAZEBALLS! Check out the post below and the link to hear a preview of the album!!!

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