Sunday, July 28, 2013

Danity Kane REUNITE in the Studio Together!!

I'm about to die! If you remember, a few months back I posted about Danity Kane reuniting over lunch and the possibility of them doing more than just eating together. Well folks, it looks as though they have started making music together again!!!! About 4 days ago (I should've posted about this earlier) the producers who go by the name of "freshm3n_iii" on Instagram, posted a pic of themselves with Aundrea, Dawn, Shannon, and Aubrey in the studio, with the caption "fun session with Danity Kane, they're dope!" 

Image via Instagram
Seeing this photo basically gave me a heart attack, and I literally couldn't breathe for a second! Nothing makes me happier than seeing these group of girls together again! They were my favorite girl band of all time, and they deserve to thrive and be successful again! Another great thing about this picture is that the studio they were in, is the same studio they recorded their second album "Welcome to the Dollhouse" in! Aundrea and Aubrey also instagrammed pictures that warmed my heart: 

I'm honestly so excited for them to be making music again and can't wait for what else is to come! THIS IS AMAZEBALLS!

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