Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Miley Cyrus' SCANDALOUS Music Video for "We Can't Stop" is HERE!!!

Image Via OceanUp
Today, Miley Cyrus released her music video for "We Can't Stop," and all I have to say is, she has officially "TURNT" into a new woman! The music video is quite racy and shows Miley in a whole new way, that the world may not be ready for! In the video, you can see her twerking, making out with a doll that looks like her, and slapping some other girl's booty! Although I initially wasn't a fan of Miley's new look and thought she was trying too hard, I am OFFICIALLY a fan again! She is just exuding all sorts of sexiness these days, and it's nice to see her finally make that crossover from Disney teen to grown woman! WERK and enjoy the video!!!!

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