Saturday, June 1, 2013

Little Mix in Miami: My Experience!

If you've been reading my blog from the beginning, you know that at the start of the year I fell in love with a girl group named "Little Mix." If you don't know who they are, they won the UK X Factor and one of the girls, Perrie, dates Zayn from One Direction!

Well, on Friday night, my friends Melissa and Sari called me screaming that Little Mix was going to be in Miami on Saturday and that we would be able to meet them! I immediately freaked out and had to get all the details! It turned out that they would be performing and signing albums at Dolphin Mall (aka B.F.E) for all they're little "mixers," or fans! I truly believe that God wanted me to go because I somehow managed to have off on this Saturday from work, which is very rare for me! 

Anyway, on the day of the event we got to the mall 2.5 hours before they were scheduled to perform, just to make sure we got our CDs and wristbands on time. The weather was kind of gloomy all day, but none of us expected it to rain! After roaming around the mall to kill time before the performance, the time finally came, and Little Mix hit the stage! Coincidentally, the sun came out as they descended down the stairs (weird). However, as they got onto the stage my friends and I could only see a bunch of heads bopping up and down, as the crowd in front of us was massive and blocking our view. We tried going upstairs on the balcony to watch but that was also a fail, as a bunch of little nuggets and they're annoying fathers were hogging up all the space. I did, however, get one good video during those two minutes! 

Towards the end of their performance it began to poor, so my friends and I went to go stand in the line for the meet and greet, which was protected from the rain! However, the line was the size of Africa and as we got in, it began to extend beyond the sheltered area and into the rain! In the end, we didn't meet Little Mix, although we had the wristbands and the CD, because there was just too many people waiting in line and it was beginning to monsoon! Although I was sad, I still had a great time and enjoyed every minute of it! Check out my two good pictures and video below!

The stupid tree was blocking the fourth member of the group, Jesy!
Hi Perrie! And to the rest of you, nice backs!

Some selfies:

Rocking my Zayn hair for Perrie! Too bad she didn't see it!
Are ya'll hot or something?
Right, because Little Mix has this many fans in Miami. KK.

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