Friday, June 28, 2013

Get a Behind the Scenes Look of Demi Lovato's New Music Video for "Made in the USA" HERE!

GIF via Tumblr
After watching Demi Lovato's performance on GMA, I am having such Demi feels, and all I want to do is watch videos of her! After searching her name on Tumblr earlier today, I came across a brand new video, that was posted today by VEVO, that gives Demi's LOVATICS a behind the scenes look at her upcoming video for "Made in the USA."

"Made in the USA" is the second single off of Demi's fourth album "Demi," and the video for it marks the first time that Demi plays the role of director! In the video Demi talks about how directing the video came about, as well as the thought process behind coming up with the treatment for it. It looks as though the video is going to be amazing, and it's so cool to see Demi break out and really take charge of her career and the direction of her music! GO DEMI! You are perfect!

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