Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ray J Releases His Music Video for "I Hit It First" and Proves to the World How Much of a DOUCHE LORD He Is!!!

So as I've talked about before, Ray J has a new single called "I Hit It First," which many have speculated is about his ex lover Kim Kardashian, especially after the cover art was released! After that whole controversy, Ray J went on to say that the song is not about Kim, but now the video has come out and it's pretty obvious that he is full of $h!%.

First of all, the video features a girl that looks A LOT like Kim. Also, in the vid Ray J spoofs his sex tape with Kim, without the actual act taking place.

BUT THE BEST SHADE THAT WAS THROWN was at the end of the video when Ray J is watching the Kim look-a-like on a reality type show on a network that looks a lot like the E! network, but with the letter F in place of the E! Now if that's not enough confirmation that Ray J is still trying to stay relevant through his [k]onnection to Kim Kardashian, than I don't know what is!

Check out the video below, and judge for yourself!

I think he's dumb. #TeamKim #SueHisAss

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