Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Songs of the Week!

So every week, I find myself becoming obsessed with a new song, and this week I have a couple that I have on repeat!

1. Demi Lovato's "Neon Lights"
After hearing this song once, I immediately became obsessed and could not stop listening to it! This song has that EDM sound to it, and is one of the more upbeat songs off of Demi's new ablum titled, "Demi." It's definitely one of those songs that would be AMAZEBALLS to hear at a club (too bad I'm underage) or just concerting in the shower.

2. Andre 3000 & Beyonce's "Back to Black"
This song comes off of the Great Gatsby soundtrack and it is absolute PERFECTION! The song, which was originally sung by the incredible Amy Winehose, has a grungier/sexier feel than the orginial tune. The beat is completely different and Beyonce's vocals are out of this world amazing! She sounds so sexy and breathy, and just talking about it is making me hot, so listen to it now! Oh an Andre 3000 is great on it too, although I would rather hear more of Queen B!

3. Zedd's "Clarity" ft. Foxes
Now, I normally don't care for music like this and when I first heard this song at work, I was annoyed with it, but after listening to it constantly I have fallen in love! This song is pretty much a song you would hear at Ultra or on a Sunday night at LIV, but something about it, is just so good and I don't know how to describe it! Check it out!

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