Friday, April 5, 2013

Ray J Throwin Major Shade Kim Kardashian's Way!

On this lovely Friday C-list singer, Ray J, released the cover art for his new single "I Hit It First." Not only is the title of the song ridiculous, and I couldn't imagine why anybody would still care to listen to him, but the picture used for the cover art is a major diss towards my sister Kim Kardashian!

Check out the cover art:

Image Via Tumblr
Now take a look at this old photo of Kiki!

Image Via Tumblr
In my opinion this was all done for publicity and to get people to listen to a song that they normally wouldn't care about! Good job Ray J, you've once again proved what an a$$ you are! Mazel! Also, Kim lost her virginity at 14, so you definitely didn't hit it first!

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