Friday, April 12, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Actually Looks Great at "Scary Movie 5" Premiere!

Last night at the premiere of "Scary Movie 5," Lindsay Lohan, who is known for always showing up late to her court appearances, lived up to her name and showed up late to the red carpet for her own movie. From the looks of it though, it was well worth it, as Lindsay was quite the stunner last night! Lindsay, who wore a little black Dolce and Gabanna dress with Louboutin heels, definitely looked better than the bra-less, hotmess that was seen partying it up in Brazil last week. Also, her face didn't seem as botoxicated, and it looks as though she's been laying off of the lip injections. Dare I say, she's even beginning to look like the old Lindsay again! In addition to the light makeup and form fitting dress, it was nice to see that she did something different with the hair! Lately, her extensions haven't been on point, so the braid definitely destracted from their ratchetness! Check her out below!

Image Via HuffingtonPost

Image Via HuffingtonPost

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