Friday, April 19, 2013

Kim Kardashian is FINALLY a Free Woman! Divorce Becomes Official!

Image Via KimKardashian.celebuzz
The 536 day divorce for the marriage that only lasted 72 days has finally come to an end! On this lovely Friday, Kim Kardashian received the news she's been waiting forever for: she's finally getting a divorce! According to TMZ, the judge dropped Kris' "demand for an annulment based on fraud" and Kim doesn't have to pay him a single cent! The judge clearly realized what an idiot Humphries is, after he didn't show up to their last court hearing and has consistenly failed to bring up any solid evidence that Kim married him for television and ratings purposes. This must be such a relief for Kimmie, who thought she would still be married when she gives birth to her baby in July! All I have to say is MAZEL Kim! You've fought long and hard and you deserve this!

As for Kris...

GIF Via Tumblr
Yea, dissapear.

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