Friday, March 15, 2013

Nicki Minaj Arrives 13 Minutes Late to First Live Show of American Idol!!

I can't believe I'm just hearing about this! Wednesday night marked the first night of the LIVE shows for American Idol, and boy did it start off AWKWARD and full of the DRAMZ! When the judges were introduced, Ms. Nicki Minaj was noticeably MIA from the judges panel, and when Seacrest came out, he blamed Nicki's tardiness on the LA traffic, and tried to tell some jokes in order to stall and make the situation less uncomfortable.

Never in the history of any live show has this ever happened, and I can't help but blame Nicki for this because she has a habit of being tardy in the past! She even  said it herself on her E! special a few months ago! What made it even more apparent that her tardiness wasn't because of the traffic, was her outfit for the night! Normally, Nicki pulls out all the stops when appearing in public, with her crazy wigs, makeup, and outfits, but on Wednesday night, she sort of looked too normal with her black hoodie and sunglasses that had me thinking she was a part of the "A" Team from Pretty Little Liars!

 Check out her look below!

Image Via NYDailyNews
Do you think it was the traffic or was Nicki just having a hard time picking out her outfit?

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