Friday, March 8, 2013

Justin Bieber Fights Back at the Paparazzi! Warns Them That He'll "Beat the F*%k" Out of Them! WATCH!

Image Via Huffington Post/ Fame Flynet
After having the "worst birthday ever," showing up to his concert in London 45 minutes late, and landing in the hospital after collapsing on stage during his performance of "Beauty And A Beat," you can say that Justin Bieber hasn't been having the best week ever.

While hopping into his car this morning in London town, the Biebs was attacked by the paparazzi with vicious comments like "F*%k off back to America." Clearly the Biebs AIN'T GOT TIME 4 DAT, so he jumped right back out of the car and began screaming "what did you say?" and "I'll beat the f*%k out of you," all while being held back by his body guards! Talk about white boy gone cray cray!

I'm totally Team Bieber on this one! I mean if the paparazzi hated him that much, why were they stalking him outside of the hospital? Right.

Check out the INSANE video below!

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