Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WOW! Talk About Reaching an All Time Low, Life & Style Reports That the Cause of Justin and Selena's Breakup Was Because of an AFFAIR with Rihanna!

Image Via Life & Style
Filing this under the biggest B.S. I have ever read about! The latest issue of "Life & Style" magazine is reporting that the reason celebrity couple "Jelena" broke up, is because of Justin's affair with superstar Rihanna. 

This is probably the stupidest rumor to come out recently! First of all Rihanna is 24 years old, while the Biebs is still trying to turn 19. Now, I am not saying that a relationship like this isn't possible in the land of Hollywood, but it just doesn't make sense! Rihanna has clearly been hooking up with Chris Brown for the past few months, and the only encounter that she and Justin have had recently is the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, where they both performed, and where Justin was rumored to be hooking up with model, Barbara Palvin. I mean other than asking Rihanna where she gets her weed from, I don't know what else these two would be talking about.

A better and more realistic story that the mag could have put out would be Justin hooking up with actress Ashley Tisdale, whom he and Selena are actually friends with! Now that would have been a bit more "devastating" for Selena!

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