Friday, February 8, 2013

Selena Gomez Invites Fans Into Her Car at LAX!

Last night, at LAX, Selena Gomez gave her fans the best car ride of their lives, when she invited them into her SUV! According to TMZ, Selena's rep said the paparazzi scene outside of the airport was too "chaotic" for Selena to stop and greet her fans, who were in town all the way from Brazil. So, instead of letting them down and driving off, she rolled down her window and signaled the girls to come over.

From listening to the video you can faintly hear someone, who sounds like Selena, tell the girls to "get in the car." However, her security didn't get the memo, and rushed over to try to get the fans out, but apparently Selena told them that it was okay and continued to let them in. They eventually drove off and according to her rep, the fans were let out a few terminals down.

Well, it looks like the got what they wanted! If only EVERY celebrity was like this! 

Check out the video and the fan pics below: 

Images Via OCEANUP

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