Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Goes to Court for the 20,00000th Time!

PHOTO: Just Jared

Today Lindsay Lohan visited her favorite place in the world! THE COURTHOUSE! After having her attorney, Mark Heller, lie on her behalf about being too "sick" to fly to LA from NY to make the court hearing, Lindsay finally decided to take accountability for her actions and show up to court. This court hearing, stems from LiLo's car crash a few months back, where she once again lied to the cops, telling them she was not the one driving her car during the time of the accident.

All I have to say, is I am soo done with this girl! I used to be such a supporter and fan, but after her major flop in what was supposed to be her comeback role, "Liz and Dick," I am officially over her. What I say the judge do, the next time they meet, which according to TMZ will be on March 1st, is put her in to jail for more than a couple of hours, so she can really understand what a hot mess she is. Then, she needs to check into a rehab in some middle-of-nowhere state and get the help she has clearly needed for the past 7 years.

Hopefully between now and March 1st she stays out of trouble...HOPEFULLY!

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